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Serving you better through precision...

Aspherical Socket Master

.00005 Tolerance

Established 1971


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Known in the Detroit area and around the world for solving Industries problems

Serving the aerospace, automotive, medical, plastics and armament industries

Micro Finishing For The Aluminum Beverage Can Industry


Specializing in CNC Jig, OD, & ID Grinding

with manual Surface & ID Grinding and Tool Room Capabilities


Production Machining and Reverse Engineering of Cams & Component Parts Requiring ultra Precision


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William F. Schneider

Contact Person

Ph (586)465-1112     Fax (586)465-1116    Email: wfs@dmcinter.com




     D.M.C. International, Inc. is a high technology managed company actively engaged in the pursuance and manufacture of high precision tooling and components.  Founded in 1971 the company has serviced many major industry leaders by providing practical solutions to a wide variety of problems and applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical, plastics and armament industries.

     Total capabilities are housed in an 8,500 sq. ft. facility of which 7,200 is climate controlled for optimum efficiency.

   Our grinders are equipped with the latest software controllers made for our specific applications.

   D.M.C.'s  expertise is second to none for precision, quality, reliability and performance.

Easy Access From I-94 At North River Road

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Fuel Injection

Control Ring



Spherical Socket


.00005 Tolerance


We Have The Capability To Run Parts Large & Small

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Manufacturing Specialties Include

  • Master Cams, including 3-D cams
  • Templates:
    Special Airfoil Configurations
    Profile Templates
    Checking Templates
  • Aspheric & Spherical Details
  • Lamination Dies
  • Interchangeable Dies
  • Master Gauges
  • Powdered Metal Tooling
  • Wind Tunnel & Laminar Flow Nozzles
  • Microwave Telescope Reflectors
  • Massive Optics
  • Artificial Heart Valves
  • Aircraft Guidance Components


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Danley Komatsu

Connecting rod. 

60"dia x 80" long

4000 lbs.

Purdue University

Contoured Mandrel for

coring out a Mach 6

wind tunnel nozzle


120 multi hole plate

Accuracy 1.2500  +.0001/-.0000

location   .0002


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